Graphite rocks!

Graphite is as powerful as it is unforgiving, as versatile as it is monotone. The day I understood this, the day I became friends with my chosen medium the world quite simply became my oyster (...)

I’m an artist drawn to graphite and captured by photography, an avid image-maker, creative soul with a gift for spinning in square circles.

I believe in the sound of silence, in the power of imagery.

 I believe in black & white and all the shades in between, in drawing life to paper.

I believe in laughter, in magic, that insects can dance, in naming my muse.

I believe in action not reaction.

I believe in no regrets.

I believe tea should be drunk out of a glass, that happiness can last, that creativity needs a home.

Most of all, I believe in approaching life with a kind eye, grasping it firmly with both hands and never letting go.

Drawing is not only an art form, it is a state of mind. A refuge.

By incorporating simple, monotone and to a great extent repetitive elements, my work has always provided a deep and satisfying sanctuary: rewarding and secure.

The power of pencil is in its simplicity, in its effectiveness for applying the philosophy less is more.

Black and white allows me to get to the essence of a subject and show emotion in a clear, direct way. It doesn’t distract the way colour can.

Simplifying the composition, omitting backgrounds and limiting the palette are specific ways I capture and express powerful subjects, strong emotions and surprising details.

I adore revealing the relationship between animals and humans, in particular, horses. The intricate detail and anatomical precision that I inject into my work are more than just an attempt to duplicate reality. They serve to explore the whole context of domestication.

Showing animals in a range of different circumstances—in repose, in action, with other animals,  with people—my drawings illustrate many of the fundamental reasons humans find animals so alluring. They define the beauty of when people and animals bond and reflect the amazing qualities that emerge of these bonds.

My passion for rendering with graphite pencils has educated me on patience, showed me focus, enlightened me to the power of observation.

My scribble friends are still fuelling this creative growth forcing my work to grow, show new strength, take new paths.  Synergy and elegance made to impact and hopefully will make an impact.